Changing times: e-Portfolios: Preparing for wide-scale implementation -- 80 -- Demonstration

12:00 - 13:00 on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in 4.205

e-Portfolios have been linked with transformative learner-centred, reflective forms of learning. Previous work on e-portfolios including a range of JISC-funded projects, the e-Portfolios infoKit (JISC infoNet) and Effective Practice with e-Portfolios guide (JISC 2008, p.5) indicate that benefits can range from the development of professional and employability skills to the facilitation of innovative models of learning, teaching and assessment. However, successful large-scale implementation of e-portfolios is still an elusive goal in many institutions (Joyes & Gray, 2010).

Recognising that the lessons learnt from existing large-scale implementations need to be distilled into an accessible resource for the guidance of others, an e-Portfolios Implementation Toolkit has been funded by JISC and developed by the University of Nottingham to enable more institutions and programmes of learning to cross the threshold from localised to mainstream use of e-portfolios.

This demonstration commences with a brief account of the methodology behind the development of the Toolkit followed by an exploration of the contents of the Toolkit from the perspective of both teaching practitioners and those leading an e-portfolio initiative. The session concludes with opportunities for participant-led enquiries from either perspective.

The participant-led aspect of the session is of key importance since it aims to demonstrate the relevance of the Toolkit to challenges currently experienced by participants. Issues raised will lead to an exploration of relevant guidance in the Toolkit and examples of practice from among the 18 case studies in the Toolkit, which include the work of further and higher education institutions in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Five of the case studies are also available on video.

Participants will also receive a copy of Crossing the threshold: Moving e-portfolios into the mainstream (JISC 2012), a publication summarising key points for successful wide-scale e-portfolio implementation based on guidance offered by the Toolkit and its supporting case studies.

Structure and activities:

  • Introduction (5 mins)
  • Demonstration of Toolkit from the perspectives of managers and practitioners (10 mins)
  • Presenter and group activity: Using the toolkit to identify and respond to issues (10 mins)
  • Summing up and further resources (5 mins)

Participants will gain clearer understanding of the challenges and benefits of wide-scale e-portfolio implementation and will be able to explore the guidance offered by the Toolkit and its supporting case studies.