Technology for learners: Facilitating metacognitive reading strategies with iBooks Author application -- 278 -- Demonstration

13:40 - 14:40 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in 1.218

Students bring into the classroom their own mobile devices. However, they do not take advantage of the various features that technology offers for supporting learning. Research has been conducted to investigate the role of computer environments in supporting and modelling metacognitive strategies while learning with hypermedia (Azevedo, 2005). The demonstration will present how a metacognitive approach can also be used as a theoretical framework to design reading activities and support comprehension processes with technology.

Approaches to prompt metacognitive thinking in reading have been proven to enhance reading comprehension (Sheory and Mokhtari, 2001). These approaches have relied on teacher's help to model metacognitive strategies such as activating background knowledge, inferencing the meaning and monitoring. Technology can help the learner by modelling the above-mentioned strategies.

In this demonstration, I will show how instructional designers can model metacognitive thought with the different features of the application iBooks Author. For example, with the Media widget you can add a video file that contains familiar content in order to help students activate prior knowledge. It will also illustrate how to embed metacognitive strategies for successful reading in a digitized text using the application iBooks Author.

Structure of the session and activities:

  • Brief outline of strategic reading i.e. ways for enhancing reading through the use of metacognitive strategies;
  • Demonstrations of:
  1. How to create a digital text with iBooks Author application
  2. How to embed reading strategies in the digital text using iBooks Author application
  3. How students can use the embedded reading strategies using this application;
  • Open discussion.
  • Intended outcomes for participants:

  • Understand how technology can support reading processes;
  • Propose guidelines for promoting strategic reading using iBooks; Author application.
  • Participants with Apple devices will be able to try the application, but since this is not a hands-on session you can attend even if you do not have an Apple device.