Watch Live: Keynotes & Invited Speakers

All plenary keynote and all invited speaker sessions from the conference will be available live through Adobe Connect.

Watch live sessions: [opens in a new window]

  • Please join from 10 minutes before the allotted time;
  • Choose "Enter as a Guest";
  • Enter your full name and country in the single log-in field: thus Rajiv Khan [Scotland]; or Sarah Simonon [Canada]. (We encourage you to give your country to give you and the moderator a sense of the geographical spread of participation.)

The sessions will be moderated by our Web Participation Co-ordinators Rich Goodman, Matt Lingard, or Thom Cochrane.

We shall be using the built in Voice Over IP audio for Adobe Connect, and you will need a headset or a sound system for these sessions. We ask you to keep your microphone switched off at all times.

There will also be an audio conferencing bridge which you can select when joining the session – we can have the system call you or you may dial the audio conferencing bridge.

Before joining - Testing/Support

Before joining please test that you can join an Adobe Connect room and that you have the correct flash player loaded onto your computer. To test this please click on this link: [opens in a new window]

If you do not pass the first three items (note that you will not require the Adobe Connect add in – test 4), then you will be unable to join the session, and you will have to resolve this with your IT Helpdesk (or yourself) via your normal process. (The minimum system requirements are shown at [opens in a new window]

After joining - please do this 10 minutes before the session starts

It is most important that you join the session 10 minutes prior to the start, to allow yourself time to test your audio connection by clicking ‘meeting’, at the top left of the interface and then select ‘audio set up wizard’ from the drop down menu.

Please inform the moderator of the session that you have completed the audio set-up wizard by selecting the correct option on the poll button, which will be visible within the session.

Mobile devices

Adobe does support I-phone, I-pad and Android. If you wish to join using these devices please ensure you have sufficient bandwidth (ideally DSL or greater). Note that for obvious reasons not all features and functions are supported on mobile devices.

To learn more about mobile devices please refer to this blog for the latest apps. [opens in a new window] For more information about Adobe Connect and about Collaborate go to [opens in a new window]